Last updated: 11th of September of 2020

If after previous steps you got:

    1. All timecards OK and best practices from kronos in place

    2. But Performance Issues still on going

It is a good idea to check the Log Files settings in WorkForce Central.

Contact the customer and request to check the configuration in all servers of the following parameters:

    1. Go to "Settings -> System Configuration"

    2. Select the tab "LOG FILE" (they are alphabetically sorted)

    3. Parameter "site.log.file.rollover.maxsize" must be equal to 500 Kb (recommended)

    4. Parameter "site.log.file.rollover.maxlogs" must be equal to 10 (recommended)

If after this step, the user is experiencing performance issues, please, recover all information possible from the user and open a KGS in kronos portal