Last updated: 11th of September of 2020

 First access KGS cases:

1. Go to

2. Log in as your user if you have, or if not create a user with your corporate e-mail, and contact our S&A team to have access to S&A customers

3. In the upper menu of the website, go to: "Product Resources & Cases -> My Cases"

Now we can open a KGS:

1. Click "Create Case"

2. Configure the parameters:


Contact Name: Your Name to allow kronos support team to contact you

Product Platform: Select the platform our customer is experiencing issue with from the list

Issue Summary: "platform version" brief description of the issue in a few words:

Example: "WFC 8.0.20 Dynamic Reports Issue" -> where "WFC 8.0.20" means Workforce Central version 8.0.20, and "Dynamic Reports Issue" is a brief description that explains the issue is with the dynamic reports functionality of Workforce Central

Issue Description: We will divide it in 3 parts:

First sentence/paragraph: Hello, this issue is for "Name of the Customer" "kronos ID of the customer" (info available in our Teams channel)

Second sentence/paragraph: Explain the issue the best way possible with as many details as possible.

Upload Files: attach any file needed of your findings or customer findings

3. Click "Submit"

Here attached a case as an example: